Hi, My name is Avinash. I am CEO of the blogging Perk. This blog is designed for people who want to learn to blog and grow in this line.

blogging is the best career spot in the future. A generation will become changed after few years. Every people want instant information about what they want to know, but where is the source? The source is the internet network.

But the question is how they find accurate information about any queries. Is there all things know the search engines.

No, and the answer is “the search engines don’t know any type of answer. But they find the accurate answer and deliver it to the searcher.

Now I’m telling you what is the process of search and find. When someone searches for any queries.

What does a search engine do with this query? I’m telling you, the search engines filter out the answer to the query from our blogs and deliver it to the searcher.

After that, the people who are want to know information about their search come to the blog and read the article of our blog.

When the bulk of the user will come into the blog, you can monetize your blog and earn lots of money.

There are multiple options to monetize like an advertisement, affiliate link, sponsorship, and much more.

Whats blogging perk do

The blogging perk teaches people who want to create a small website and blogs, with the help of different types of articles.

Which type of tutorials you find here.

  • WordPress guide
  • SEO guide
  • Content marketing guide
  • Monetization guide
  • Web hosting guide
  • Domain guide
  • Accessories

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