10 Blog name ideas to find the perfect branding

Finding a name for a blog is a bit difficult for new bloggers because they do not have the tactic of blog name ideas.

Whenever new blogs are created, the creator knows what his blogging niche is, and based on that, he tries to find the name of his blog.

10 Best Blog Name Ideas

For this, many beginners copy others and name their new blogs in the same way.

Doing this is the first mistake of beginners because your blog does not show off your branding and is not trustworthy for the users.

Hi, my name is Avinash, and I am going to tell you some such tactics, which will help you to create a good and unique name.

Use niche keywords in the blog name

This is the first tactic, you have to add your blogging niche to the blog name. By doing this, when the name of your blog appears in google SERP, then the visitor will understand what information he will get in this blog.

If you use another keyword instead, then the user has difficulty in understanding the niche of your blog, and the chances of clicking the link are greatly reduced.

This is the advantage of using keywords, now let’s see how to implement this tactic.

First of all, keep a pen and diary, then write the words in your diary that are related to your blogging niche. For example, if your blog is related to SEO, then write some related words in the diary. Such as backlink, keyword, SEO, ranking, etc.

All these words refer to search engine optimization only so that the visitors can easily understand that this blog is related to SEO. This step is mandatory for everyone because your blog name will be made up of two words, one of which should be similar to your niche.

Now select any one of the keywords written in the diary that you like. For example, we select the backlink.

Use pet name with niche keywords

Blog name = Niche keyword+pet name

Many bloggers use this tactic. This is a good way to choose a unique name. One word you have to keep your niche keyword, now you can add the name of your favorite animal to that keyword.

Such as – backlink panda, or backlinkdog. It sounds good to hear the name, as well as creating a character in which the panda or dog will help you with the knowledge of SEO. You can also create a logo for your blog on its base.

To implement this method, make a name for the pet in the diary that you like. Now try mixing your keyword with all those names. Select the name with which the keyword matches well and create a name for the blog.

Add category with niche keyword

Blog name = category+niche keyword

This type of blog name is more suitable for microblogging. In which information is given about the small category of a large group.

Suppose my blog is a fashion blog, and I write articles about goggles. Then the category of the blog will be such that fashion will be my niche and goggles will be a category. In this way the blog can be named gogles fassion or fassion gogles.

Add place name with the keyword

This type of name can be used mostly for local business, in addition to this method can also be used in travel or historical blog.

Blog name = keyword+place

By changing the keyword and place name according to your convenience, you can create a name that gives information about your target business. For example, there is a gym in Delhi for which to prepare a site, then Delhi fitness or gym in Delhi can be a good name.

In this name, the word fitness and gym is giving information about your business, and Delhi is telling the place of your local business. Delhi word can also be optimized for local users.

Use a local name with a target keyword

This is similar to category + keyword, here is a small area that can be targeted using local words of a place. It is more useful for local business. If you want to deliver your service in a single city like a particular area, then this option is best.

You don’t need to use it for service in a whistle, it is also a good idea to target any one country.

Saying local name here means from one place. Like I have a restaurant and I have to make a recipe blog, and also promote the products found in my restaurant. So I can name my blog like this – Delhi delicious, Indian biryani

Add the goal on the Name

All services have some goal, whether related to programming or web development. If you offer search engine optimization training, then the goal of your clients who will come to you will be that they can be SEO experts.

Similarly, if your service is related to marketing in which content marketing, email marketing, PPC, etc. training or information is given, then it will be goal marketing.

In this way, you can also name your blog by setting goals. Such as learn marketing, marketing career, SEO guide, expert developer, etc.

Make your product as blog name

It is a good idea to name your blog based on which product you want to promote in your blog, or which service is being offered on your website.

This will let the visitor know about the service offered by you from the SERP itself. Let us see an example in this – there is a person who has to build a site and provide tools of backlink analysis in that site. So he can name his site something like this, backlink insights, backlink tools,

In such a name, the information of the product gets to the visitors only through the name of the blog. It can be used for both a business or a blog.

Favourite word with topic key

The word favorite makes any name more unique. It can be different or the same in everyone’s life, such as a pet name, superhero, inspirational words, action like killer and builder, etc.

By attaching these words with the niche key of your blog, you can create a unique name, and you can use this name in the branding of your site.

You can use your favorite color, things, or anything in it. Let’s see an example, black is my favorite word, now I have to create a site for png compressor, so I can name it – black png.

Use Personal name

This is my favorite tactic, if anyone wants to brand themselves or tell people about their personal life then this tactic is a 5-star tactic, and I will recommend it.

Neil Patel is a live example whose domain is neilpatel.com. On this site, SEO tools are provided under the name ubersuggest, and SEO related Blog Post is also done.

In this way, you can also add your name to your keywords and tell your service, like Avinash SEO, or you can also create your personal name, like Avinash Sahu. Both of these will show your name under the brand name.

If you want to tell people about your personal life, then it would be better to use a word related to some topics. Like if I am fond of the bike and I keep modifying the bike, I write a blog about it, then I can name my blog avinash garage.

Try unknown word as blog name

Unknown word is a very famous business name tactic, it helps you in marketing with a new brand. This can add a new meaning to your business. Just like WordPress is a word that only represents the blog and website.

If we take the word “Italia” then it looks a bit strange, but if I create a site with this name, then after a few days the word will become a brand that will only signal towards your site.

Google also recommends such a blog name, and with the help of your content, the search engine understands your brand faster than the generic name.

Blog Name Generator

If you did not like any of the above ideas, or you did not get a unique name by following those ideas, then you can generate unique and trending names using the name generator.

Blog name generator or business name generator shows you to suggest a unique name as well as its availability so that you can search the domain of your business name from the same. Let’s see some famous names generators

People ask questions

What is a good blog name?

A good blog name will always represent your business. Such a blog name stays with the business keyword or a keyword that is meaningless and only represents your brand.

How do I make a catchy name?

To make your blog name catchy, you should use a word that is easy to speak and also present the business or use an unknown word. Like Pocky fashion

Can I blog under a fake name?

You can keep the name of your blog as you wish. In this, the pea does not know whether it is fake or not, but to monetize, you have to give the correct name and address only then you can earn money from the blog.

Should my blog be my name?

Your blog doesn’t need to be named after you, but if you want to brand yourself or want to run your blog under your name, then you can keep it. Mostly such a name is used for personal blogs.

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