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Amp web stories for full screen visual contents

Stories now come into the Web page like Facebook and Instagram stories. It’s called Google web stories. Let’s learn about web stories and implement them on the web page.

What is Google web stories

Web story is the web version of popular social media stories, in which a full-screen visual graphics experience is available. This gives useful content to the user in full-screen mode. You also get some advanced features in it, such as the call to action button and link connection features. Web Stories is useful for bloggers and sites.

This is a product of google defined on amp technology, which can be seen in google discover feed, search results, and image section. Its most important thing is that you can also monetize it with Adsense.

Example of Google Web Stories

This example is taken from a lonely planet. This story tells about 5 wild places which are very good to go with the kids.

Web story example blogging perk

Install & Activate Web Stories plugin

To install this plugin go to dashboard> plugins> add new> search> search for web stories> install> activate plugin

This plugin can also be uploaded from a zip file. Please download the Web stories zip file to upload.

download web stories plugin

Once downloaded, go to your dashboard, and click plugins> add new.

Add new plugin on WordPress

Here the option of upload plugin will show, select it and click on choose file.

upload plugin wordpress

Select Downloaded zip file and click Install now.

Choose web stories zip file

The Web Stories plugin will start installing, after install, click on activate plugin.

Activate plugin

Setup web stories plugin

After activating the plugin, some settings have to be made in it. To setup go to dashboard> stories> settings. Here you will get four options that have to be set up.

Google Analytics: Copy and paste the analytical code from your analytics account into the option containing Google analytics. To copy the code, login to the analytics account and go to admin> select property> tracking info> tracking code.

Add analytics code on web stories

Publisher Logo: upload a square logo for web stories. To upload a logo, click on the uploaded logo and select your logo image.

Upload web stories logo

Some important information related to Logo

  • The format of the logo image should be in the jpg/png file.
  • The logo should be at least 96×96 size square in proportion.
  • The background of the logo should not be transparent.

Data Sharing opt-in: allows you to monitor your stories bugs and problems and use them for improvement. You can check it if you want.

data sharing opt-in

Video Optimization: Keep this section marked, it optimizes the videos used in stories.

Video optimization settings

Monetization section: has given two options to monetize stories. Google Adsense and ads manager. If you want to run ads, then select any one option, otherwise, let it be in none.

Web stories monetization

Create new web stories

The guideline for creating web stories is similar to creating a web page. In fact, google story is a web page only, you also have to give a title, meta description in it. Which remains dependent on your topic. To make it, you have two options,

  1. You can use any story editor tool. The biggest advantage of using these tools is that you will not have to write any kind of code in them. You can create a unique and perfect story using the drag and drop method, and publish it. For this method you can use the following tools:
  2. If you know to code then you can create stories using developer tools. In this, you have to write some code lines and implement them on the story web page. Google suggests chrome developer tools to simulate different device sizes and formats.

Web Stories testing tool

Google has launched the official amp stories testing tools to test web stories, from where you can check your stories after publishing them. If there are any errors in your story, then these tools will tell you.

To check, go to the amp stories testing tool, and put a link to your story there, and click on the test button. In no time, this tool will tell you whether your story is valid or not by analyzing your story.

AMP Story testing tools

While testing the story, you can also see the preview of your story by clicking on the Preview button.

Appear Web Stories on Google

Ever since Google launched this feature website, bloggers are taking very good advantage of it. And are gaining traffic to their site. When Google launched this story, it also gave its important information. Google has also mentioned that these stories will show on search results.

Web story appear on google

Discover feed

Web stories are a very good feature which is providing us very good information in the visual style in a short time. You must have seen this story appearing in Google’s Discover Feed. This shows according to user interest in google discover feed.

It can show in the Discover Feed in two ways –

Carousel on Google Discover: This kind of stories format will currently have shows in three countries, including India, the US, and brazil. Carousel is a horizontal scroll type format that the new story keeps on loading when scrolling. I have given an image as an example below.

Single card on google discovers: This is only a part of google discover in which the story shows in a single card. This feature has just been launched in the English language only for us.

Google search engine results page

Apart from Discover feed, it can also show web stories on the search results page, it will show in two ways in search results of Google.

Grid view on Google search: Whenever a user queries on a keyword, Google will show the stories of multiple publishers in a grid view. And if a user queries a particular publisher’s story, then only that publisher’s story will appear in the grid view. This feature has just been launched in the English language for us only.

Single search results: It is available for all languages in all religions, it is an article-type format of search results that shows meta description with an image. If the user queries, Google can appeal to the story of any publisher related to it.

Image search results

Whenever the user queries for an image, the search engine shows that user from many websites on the image result page. In this result, now Google will also show Story, Story will show with an icon. So that the user knows that this is a story result. It is available in all languages and countries.

Web Stories SEO

It is also a web page like other web pages, which is searchable and indexable. To bring the story to the search result, it has to be optimized like a web page. I have given some points to optimize it, which according to Google SEO

High quality content

Everyone knows that content is the king. The same applies to web stories as well. If you want to bring your story to the search result or want to engage the user, then create unique content and of high quality. So Google uses your story for the search results.

To create high-quality content, you can ask people about their problem, or create a series on a topic, and provide value to your reader.

Short and unique title

The full title appears on the result pages. By which the user can mix the intent of this title with his intent, and in such a situation the chances of clicking your result are increased. If your title is unique then the user is attracted to it and clicks to know it.

According to SEO, the story title should be kept within 90 characters. Google suggests keeping it 70 characters only. It looks perfect in google snippet structure.

Make sure Google find the story

Make sure that your story is not in the index attribute. If it is in the Noindex attribute then your story will not be able to be indexed by Google, because of this Google will not show your story on the search results page. Noindex attribute is an instruction for Google bot that informs the bot not to index a particular page or post.

Add metadata

Web stories is a web page that follows all the guidelines of a web page. To better explain this web page to Google and match it to the user query, this page must have a meta title and meta description add. Along with this, structure data and Twitter cards should also be added here.

Canonical link

To prevent duplicate content issues of web stories, put canonical tags in all story pages.

Web Stories Best Practice

Limit the character: character number is most important in SEO. Search engines show limited pixels in search results and also it’s best to limit your character to give the best experience to the user. Google recommends keeping a 280 character par story page.

Use Video: video format engages the user more than any other format. The use of video in the story helps to increase your engagement and helps the user to take interest in your story.

Text position: The position of the text is a matter of attention in the visual experience. If the position of the text used is visible behind your publisher logo or inside any other elements, then the user will not be able to understand it properly. Your story’s user experience will be spoiled.

Animation: This can make your story experience very good to a great extent. Animation attracts the user and encourages him to watch the story. But an animation that is repeated over and over, or causes problems in understanding the story, can downgrade the quality of your story. Animation Think very carefully and use the right animation at the right time.

Poster image: The poster image acts as a thumbnail of your story. Avoid placing any type of text and images in this poster. Because if you use more elements in it, then the user may have difficulty in understanding the story title and description. Keep the story posters clean and plain.

Poster image aspect ratio: To give your story better quality and better experience, keep the size of the poster image at least 640x853px in a 3: 4 aspect ratio.

Benefits of Web Stories

Content ownership

Any content you create here will be your own so that you can embed it on your webpage as well. Other account holders can share your stories on other social media accounts, but here it will only be on your ownership. No one else will have any right over it.

Branding opportunity

Branding is very important for any business. amp web stories are giving you a good branding opportunity. It shows the logo of your site in the top position of the story along with the show in the search result. And after seeing your stories, the user sees your brand as a trusted brand.

New source of traffic

It provides the facility to link any page so that we can link any page with a story and generate traffic from it.

Earn extra income

Monetization is the most important component for any site. This is what makes the blogger’s livelihood, and all the blogger provides his services only for income. The story allows any blogger to monetize his story, and earn his income from it. Here you can income from any of the 3 sources. 1. Adsense, 2. ad manager, 3. sponsorship. sponsorship is the third-party source of monetization.

Web stories monetization

With the help of web story monetization, bloggers can make income in many ways as I have mentored above. If you want to monetize through a display ad, then you have two options from which you can generate income by showing the ad.

  • Adsense
  • Ad manager

Apart from this, you can also make income using a third party. like –

  • Affiliate link or products
  • Sponsorship


Google web stories are offering a very good opportunity for branding and generating income. Due to this, the trust of traffic and site is increasing day by day. Many famous bloggers are using it for branding and income, you should also take full advantage of it. What do you want to use it for? Please tell in the comment section.

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