How to add the table of content in WordPress

There are two methods to add the Table Of Content (TOC) to the WordPress website. 1. You can add TOC to your website using the plugin, and 2. You can easily create TOC from the WordPress Gutenberg block without any plugin. Before I tell you both ways, let us know about the table of content.

Add table of contents in WordPress

What is the Table of content?

A table of content is the list of content topics in a post or page, which helps to find small portions of the content. TOC is present at the top of the page or post. Using this, the user can know which information present inside the webpage.

Why should use the table of content in the website?

There are many reasons to use the table of content. TOC is used to navigate the content of a webpage. It allows the user to click on a topic and access the content within a few seconds, Which is very good according to user experience.

Apart from this, the table of contents helps google to creating a featured snippet so that the user can easily access the search topic from the search engine result page itself. It improves the SEO of the webpage and increases the search ranking of your site.

Using toc in your webpage strengthens the quality of the webpage. And Google tries to rank a strong quality webpage. Google has always been saying that the quality of your content should be unique and good. toc can help to maintain the content quality.

Table of content helps Google to better index your page. When the crawler crawls your page, it finds the anchor text URL of the subtopic on your page. It assists the bots to Divide your content into a subtopic and index it with the jumping URL.

We understood what the table of content is and what its benefits are. Let us now see how to add it to a WordPress website.

There are two ways you can add toc in the WordPress webpage, As I mentioned above. The first is through the Plugin Second is you can create it inside the page by yourself.

How to add the table of content using plugin

Any new features in WordPress can be easily implemented through plugins, no need to write code for this. Through this plugin, we can easily create a table of content on our webpage.

In WordPress, You find many toc plugins which you can install on the website as you wish. I use the Easy Table of Content plugin on my site. I will suggest the same to you.

It is simple and easy to use. It has 200,000+ installations and 4.5 ratings to date.

Let us see how you can add toc to your page and post through this plugin.

1. Go to plugins> add new in your WordPress dashboard. Install and activate the easy table of contents plugin.

Install and activate table of content plugin

2. Go to dashboard> settings> table of contents and mark the Post and page in enabling support section. Also, Mark the Post and page in the option auto insert below them.

Add to posts and pages table of contents

Don’t forget to click the save button. These steps will add the table of contents to your posts and pages.

How to add the table of content without a plugin

You don’t need to install any plugin to add a table of content to the webpage, The table of contents can be created without any plugin in WordPress. These steps are easy. You do not need to write coding In this Method also.

Follow the steps given below to create a manual table of content on your webpage.

1. Open the Post or page in your dashboard where you want to add TOC. And add a group block before the first heading or where you want to put it.

Add table of contents manually

2. Now add two blocks, Paragraph, and list inside this group block. Give the Paragraph block the name you want, For example, the table of contents or Page contents.

Create list for TOC

3. In the List block, copy and paste the text of all the headings available on the page.

Heading sammary for toc

4. Now, write unique Html Anchor text for all Headings on the page. Do not use space. You can use the dash (-) if you want.

Html anchor text

5. After that, link all the Html anchor text to the list one by one. To link Html anchor text, select the text from the list, click the link button, and type the unique anchor text after typing Hashtag (#) in the URL field. Do not give space after the hashtag.

Link the anchor text to the list

After these five steps, click on the Update button, your table of contents is ready to use.

Table of contents ready to use

If you have any questions about this, you can drop a comment or contact me on my social account.

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