10 Best tips: How to choose domain name

How to choose domain name is the most important question for all beginners. and this step takes a very long time from 1 day to 15 days.

10 tips on how to choose domain name

Don’t worry I will tell you 10 recommended tips. These tips defiantly help you to find a perfect domain name in a single day.

Let’s go with our how to choose domain name guide

These are the best tips and all-time give you a perfect match domain for your business. Because this is not only my recommendation but every pro expert marketer recommends.

1. Always use .com Top-level domain

It is a very popular top-level domain that is bought more than the rest of the TLD. Apart from this, there are many TLDs available but there are many TLD that before seeing the user click on the link, they think that this link is either spammy or risky?

The .com Top-level domain is also auto-suggest by google and sometimes auto-added with the brand name during search with the search engine. and this is a very good trick sometimes it gives new visitors to the site.

This .com top-level domain makes your business look like a professional brand, but if you do any other top-level domain then it does not seem to be as pro level. com sounds with. Using a .com domain increases the chance of international traffic by 50 percent compared to the second TLD.

Pros of  COM top-level domain 

  • com top-level domain is auto-suggested by Google.
  • Global traffic starts coming to the site.
  • The Business looks brandable and professional.
  • Users always search brand names as well as com domains.
  • Users rely on such domains very quickly.
  • It is a sign of global business.

2. Use your Targeted or Business keyword in the domain name

When selecting a domain name, make sure that the target keyword of your business or any keyword related to your business must be included in your domain name.

This gives the user a trust signal and the user engages with your site quickly.

Whenever your site comes in SERP (search engine result page) user first sees meta description. If the meta description is valuable for the user, then he will see the link to your site where your domain name will first appear.

If the user sees niche-related keywords in your domain, then they will trust your site and click on your link. Because here the user will feel that from here I will get the right information.

In this way, having a business keyword in your domain gives the user a trust signal, it is important to have keywords in your domain today.

Another great advantage of having a business keyword in a domain name is that it optimizes your site for SERP. This is very good for your site SEO.

If your site is related to cake and your domain is www.thevegcake.com, then this domain can be optimized for the keyword and increases the chances of being shown in search results.

Pros of the business keyword in the domain

  • It increases engagement with users.
  • Business keywords in the domain build trust for the users.
  • Optimizes your site for search engines.
  • Tells the user about the business.

3. Keep domain brandable

A brandable domain creates a professional image in front of the user that makes your business look like a brand and gives an identity to your business. This identity later comes in front of the user and search engine as a big brand.

What is a brandable domain? A brandable domain is a sign that gives your business identity. It can be in word form or can be a mixture of words and digits.

The brandable domain may be a meaningless word or maybe a mixture of words that indicate a business.

For example, the word Canva is a meaningless word in Canva.com that refers to the brand of an online image editing site. Bluehost.com is a hosting company that has built its brand by combining color and a word that signals its service.

To create a brandable domain name, choose a term for your service that is meaningless. Like viwine.com, aimo.com. Or choose a word that matches your business. For example, if you have a jeans shop, you can put something like this – black jeans or any other favorite things.

It takes a lot of work to rank a brandable domain. This is because the brand name keyword is meaningless, which when searched in the search engine, only presents your business and makes your site rank.

Pros of Brandable Domain

  • A brandable domain becomes a copyrighted keyword itself, not by participating in keyword competition.
  • Your business looks like a professional business with the introduction of a brandable domain.
  • Your brand name is only visible to your business.
  • The brand name also states your brand and service despite being meaningless.
  • It easily ranks in the search engine.

4. Easy to write and pronounce 

If a domain is highly complex, which has problems in writing and speaking, then such a domain will do a lot of work for your traffic. When the user comes to your site and your article will be liked by the user, then that user will read your domain name and keep it in their dim for the future. 

If your domain is simple and easy to speak, then the user will not have any problem remembering it and it will gain traffic to your site.

But if it is a complicated word that is difficult to speak and write, then the user will not be able to remember your domain and will not be able to type it in the search bar. If users remember it hard, the user will forget it very soon.

So to increase the traffic of your website with the help of the domain, keep in mind that your domain should be simple which can be easily spoken and written.

Pros of easily write and pronounce domain

  • The user remembers easily.
  • It is easy to type in the search bar.
  • The domain of this type can be easily described to anyone.
  • This domain helps a lot to gain your site traffic.

5. Keep it short

Try to keep the domain name as short as possible. The shorter your domain name, the more you will remember. A short domain is the identity of a branded domain. Such as quora, tata, google, etc.

According to the SEO expert, if your domain is of four to five characters, then it is very good. But if you are not getting a good domain in such a small character, then you can have 10 to 12 characters. For example – Shoutmeloud.com.

The number of words a domain holds can also be a factor for a good domain because short domains and understandable domains mostly gain direct traffic. Like canva.com and yourstory.com

A good domain should be 2 to 3 words long. It will be helpful to keep this in mind and also to understand the brand. For example – bluehost.com

Pros of short domain 

  • It can present the brand.
  • A short domain is quick to type.
  • It gains direct traffic.
  • The short domain appears in the search bar.

6. Avoid hyphens and numbers

Using hyphens and numbers reduces the user’s attraction towards your domain. If the user sees the hyphen or number in the domain, then he can scroll forward to the SERP result page. Because most of the users find this site as spammy or low quality.

While sucking up the best domain name, keep in mind that the domain registrar will show you many alternative domain hyphens. Do not select the domain from it.
Having hyphens or numbers in the domain name has no negative effect on your site SEO or ranking. Avoiding hyphens gives benefits from the user’s perspective.

Pros of avoiding hyphens and numbers

  • The domain becomes trustworthy for the user.
  • The domain seems branded.
  • It is easy for the user to type.
  • The domain name becomes unique rather than spammy.

7. Always use a catchy name

A domain name is a way to your site. This means that the more straightforward and easy the route Goga, the more people will reach your site.

That is to say, always keep the domain name catchy, which will make it easy for others to speak so that they can remember your domain quickly and do not have to resort to search engines to access your site.

8. Use a copyright-free word

Your domain name word mustn’t already be copyright protected by another company.

This will cause you two losses. The first is that you can always get a copyright notice. And second, these words will present to another brand.

9.  Protect your brand

This process is done after selecting the domain name as soon as your domain name is found or you are selected. After that, you should quickly book all the domain extensions which are top-level and if you want to do business in a different country then book ccTLD.

This will protect your brand and no one will be able to create a duplicate site with your brand name. Besides, you will get the same Domain Different TLD. With this, you can redirect the user to a site.

For example, my domain is bloggingPerk.com so I should book this domain as well.

  • bloggingPerk.net
  • bloggingPerk.org
  • bloggingPerk.in
  • bloggingPerk.uk etc.

10. Always choose good domain registrar

Most importantly, it is very important to know that the company from where you will buy your domain is good or not.

To be good here, I mean its services, a good domain registrar should have all these which will be very helpful for you.

  • The domain registrar must have a user rating of 4.0 or above.
  • There should be live call support and calling help.
  • Must have user friendly dashboard.
  • Fully customizable.
  • There is no need to transfer domains when you change hosting.

While taking the domain to this how to choose best domain name tips, especially keep in mind that you can change the web hosting repeatedly, but the domain is checked only once.

Apart from this, if there is any confusion, then comment below or contact me. If you have any suggestion in your mind, then do let me know.

If your suggestion will be valuable and different, then I will also include it in the how to choose best domain name list and provide you backlink.

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