How to start a blog in 7 easy steps

Hey, are you excited to learn how to start a blog? and earn more than limited money. Don’t worry I will guide you a step to create a blog.

How to start a blog step by step guide

Hi, my name is Avinash CEO of the BloggingPerk Blog site and I have more than 6 years of experience in blogging.

Let’s begin how to start a blog guide

Blogging is a technique through which we can connect with Billions of Public at home and share ideas with them.

The purpose of blogging is not just to earn money but it is also used for many other purposes.

Such as – Presenting your brand, giving information about your services, accessing government or private information logo. Connect with your fans and more.

But most of it is used by bloggers to earn money, and it is trending very much these days. You can also earn a lot of money from blogging.

So let’s see those steps which you can start your blog in some time by following them.

Select your blog niche (topic )

The first step is to decide the blogging niche. By the way, everyone knows on which topic he can write. Or which topic has more information.

If you have not yet decided below, then these are small tips for you. While deciding your niche, you have to select the same topic in which you are an expert, not the one who has more or less money.

Because such a topic in which we do not have an interest, we do not get any content idea in the future, and no matter how profitable the niche will give you zero income.

If you use the expert topic for blogging, then you will find many ways through which you can monetize the blog.

It also has an advantage, if your users are having a problem, then you can easily get them satisfied.

Choose a name for your blog

Now comes the next step in the naming of your blog. your blog name will be your brand name and will recognize your blog. I have a very simple but very good tip for naming your blog.

Get a pen and a paper sheet. Now write all those words related to your niche in that sheet. Like my niche is blogging, I select a few words, blogging, writing, content, SEO, backlink, etc.

Now choose one of the words which are most unique and catchy. This will make it easier for your clients (users) to remember. Like I chose “Blogging”.

Now add a word in front of or behind this unique word that is your favorite. You can keep it, such as your favorite color, animal, or place that you like. For example, I chose ‘perk.

You can use that word for the name of your blog, the word that will appear in front of you. For example, the blogging perk is the name of my blog.

Bluehost is a very good example of this, in which the first word is a favorite color name and the second word is related to service.

Buy a domain name

Now is the time to get a domain name for your blog, which will work to reach your user to your site.

If you do not know about the domain, then I have written a post above the domain name, you can read it and take full information about it.

You will have to spend around 1000 Indian Rupees (13 .76 USD) to get the domain. In the first year, you will get it for around 600 rupees but at the time of Renew, you will have to pay the actual price only.

If you do not want to pay separately for the domain, then you will get a free domain for a year with the hosting plan.

But my recommendation is to buy the domain name separately, it will easily get mapped with the new hosting when you change your hosting company. And you may have to transfer the free domain.

Before purchasing a domain name, you need to check the availability of that domain. If someone has purchased the domain you have searched, you will have to search another domain.

If you want to use the free domain found with the hosting plan, then you can skip this step.

Choose a web hosting plan and company

Web hosting is a good hosting company is a quantum solution to keep the blog available for 24 hours.

For this, we have to take the server on rent from the web hosting provider where we can store the files and data of our blog.

Many companies provide hosting for free such as, With which we can create our blog for free, but a successful blog cannot be created with such a hosting plan.

Because we have a lot of limitations in this type of hosting plan. . Such as not being able to install themes, plugins, not being able to take advantage of many features.

And the most important thing is that you cannot put your own domain in free hosting, nor can you run ads on blogs.

For a professional, successful, and monetize completable blog, self-hosting is the best option. In self-hosting, all the control of your blog will be in your hands.

There are many companies in the market that provide startup web hosting plans for beginners to start a blog, as well as discounts, some of which I have given a list of good and reliable companies.

While buying hosting, you have to keep some features in mind that are given below –

  • 99 percent uptime
  • instant support
  • Substantial bandwidth
  • one-click WordPress installation
  • SSD storage and space
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Latest technology

Bluehost is a very good hosting provider company to start blogging. I am recommending Bluehost, but this company is also recommended by the top blogging platforms WordPress.

To see Bluehost’s startup plan, visit Bluehost’s website and go to Hosting> shared hosting.

This is the starting stage of your blog, that’s why you should take shared hosting. It is very cheap, perfect for this stage.

bluehost recommended by wordpress

Its service and its features are very good and give reliable hosting. You can get a plan here as per your need.

Bluehost shared hosting plan

Choose a blogging platforms

After purchasing hosting, now come on platforms, if you do not know about it, then I give a small intro, and if you know then ignore this intro.

Blogging platforms give bloggers a suitable platform. Bloggers write content in their blog with the help of this dashboard, customize the blog, and interact with the user.

Below I have listed some popular platforms.

These were some free platforms. But out of these, I will always recommend you to the WordPress platform because 75 Million blog is running on this platform. , And this is what the top bloggers use and recommend.

CMS Campare summary

You do not have to have coding knowledge in these platforms, in WordPress you will get ready-made plugins for all the advanced features.

Installing WordPress on your new blog

Hopefully, you have chosen WordPress. Now you have to install WordPress on your blog and after that, your blog will be ready to setup.

Installing WordPress on your blog is a very easy process. You do not need to write any kind of coding to install WordPress in your blog. Nowadays all hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation facilities.

As soon as you log in to your hosting account you will see the install WordPress button. If you do not see this button, then contact your hosting provider and get information from them.

Set up your WordPress site (Blog)

Congratulations, you have created your own blog, but now is the time to write a post for the user, but now you have to do a very important job – set up a blog.

Yes, you have to give a professional look to your blog so that it looks good to your visitors. Also, you will have to install some tools that will help you in writing blog posts and adding the recommended feature.

The whole thing is that now your blog has to be customized.

Like I told above, for this, you will not have to write any kind of coding, you can customize your WordPress blog with the help of a WordPress plugin and WordPress theme.

So first let’s see about the theme.

Installing WordPress theme on your blog

The WordPress theme is a tool to customize the visual design of your blog. Which converts the blog from simple UI design to professional UI design.

In this platform, you will find a lot of themes, out of which you can install according to the category of blog.

To install the theme, you have to go to Dashboard> Appearance> Theme> Add New.

Here you will get some themes free and some themes in paid, you can take any according to your budget. If you have a low budget, then you should use the free theme.

Below I have given a list of some popular themes, if you like any of them then you can also use them.

  • Astra
  • Newspaper
  • Divi
  • Ocean wp

Out of these, I will always recommend the Astra wp theme, if you are a beginner, then you can use its free version. You will get many features in the Pro version, but the free version is enough for beginners.

You can choose the theme according to your need, for this you do not need any recommendation.

Installing WordPress plugins on your blog

The plugin gives you the feature to add any kind of feature to your blog without any coding. With the help of this, you can enjoy the new feature by adding a new feature to your blog in just a few steps.

Expert blogger says that the plugin should add as much as is necessary for your blog. Because more plugins can cause your site to load slowly. But this fact does not apply to all plugins.

Plugins with heavy features add more code to your blog so that there is a chance that your blog will work faster.

But you do not need to panic, I will tell you about the necessary plugins which are recommended by experts. After this, you can add more plugins according to your requirement.

Below I have given the list of plugins that are recommended for your blog.

  • Yoast SEO / Rank Math SEO
  • Akisment Anti-spam/Antispam bee
  • Easy table of contents
  • Smush
  • SVG Support
  • Web Stories
  • WP form
  • Social media sharing button

The process of installing the plugin is also the same as we saw for using the theme. For this, you have to go –

On Dashboard> Plugin> Add New

Congratulations, your blog is ready to use. You have created your blog, now is the time to write a good quality article for your blog post. After writing the first post, you can publish your blog.

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